Pasture Roping

7th Annual
Rock Bottom
Open Pasture Team Roping


May 25, 2017
Books Open 9 a.m.
Starts at 10 a.m.

Open Roping
$125 a man/$250 per team
fee's must be paid in cash
no checks (atm on premises)
Books close at end of first round
Buybacks welcome

3 Head Progressive after 1
100 foot score

2/3 Payback
cash to winners
Buckles to fast time 1st round
cash awards

please note: we are not giving away saddles this year
This roping is not sanctioned therefore we reserve the right to run it as we choose

Jackpot Team Roping
Saturday, May 26
starts at 10 a.m.
$20 man/ $40 team
#8 #12 Open
3hd Progressive

For more information please contact:
Jake Fowler 870-715-8038

2016 Winners
Pasture Roping
1st Place - Kris Vitt & Levi Wilson
44.79 on 3 hd

2nd Place - Seth Driggers & Travis Holland, 15.56 on 3 hd

2015 Winners

Pasture Roping
1st Place: Brandon Harris & Cody Roberts
45.75 on 3 hd.  Congratulations!

Pasture Roping
2nd Place: Shane McCain & Dustin Hodge
50.17 on 3 hd.  Congratulations!

Psature Roping
Fast time on 2hd
Curtis Griffin & Cooper Bruce
29.27 on 2 hd

pasture roping
Fast time on 1 hd
Chance Biema & Joey Chrome
13.45 on 1 hd


2014 Winners:

Pasture Roping
1st Place - Heithe Williams & Dustin Hodge
47.83 on 3 hd

Fast time - 12.93
Brad Amos & Thomas Smith

2nd Place - Shea Bailey & James House, with 53.54 on 3hd

3rd Place - Logan Allen & Jimmy Allen, with 55.23 on 3hd

4th Place - Cord Hodge & Levi Wilson, with 57.51 on 3hd


Kevin Williams & Dustin Hodge with 48.3 on 3 hd

pasture roping, rock bottom
Darrel Cribs & Chance Roper with 48.9 on 3 hd

pasture roping, rock bottom
Kevin Poteet & Travis Holland with 49.6 on hd

pasture roping, rock bottom
Chance Biggerstaff & Ben Erby with 13.0 sec run


Rock Bottom Pasture Roping
1st Place: Cooper Bruce & Michael Kennedy

Rock Bottom Pasture Roping
2nd Place: Chad Evans & Thomas Smith

Rock Bottom Pasture Roping
3rd Place: Justin Fox & Brandon Davis